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espressamente Illy Amsterdam

Espressamente illy Amsterdam is a living space to discover, relax, socialize and meet friends. It is a store that offers coffee, culture, ambience and high quality food. At espressamente illy Amsterdam you are experiencing the Italian café tradition, inspired by illycaffè’s quest for perfection and love for beauty. There are indoor seating and take away possibilities.

Concept description

The soul of Italy’s coffee lives in its coffee bars where centuries of tradition meet the modern barista’s expertise and understated, elegant style. It’s an experience illy wants to share with the world, and one that gave rise to espressamente illy: a global network of cafés uniting the genuine Italian coffee bar tradition with illy’s design sensibilities. This ambitious project brings illy coffee and products designed to enhance coffee pleasure to passionate coffee lovers seeking to refuel, reflect, or just relax. Espressamente illy embodies the values of beauty, goodness and the constant pursuit of perfection.

Each espressamente illy states a different concept of place, of tasting an international café with a contemporary Italian design. Where the uniqueness of illy espresso is accompanied by a selection of typical Italian food and the supply of all products in the world of illy. Those who wish to discover or rediscover the pleasure of a good espresso can do it in a warm environment, evoking an experience of taste, style and excellence. At the same time, and quite wonderfully, no two espressamente illy cafés are exactly alike. Each offers a contemporary, local take on the tradition of the Italian coffee bar, so visitors feel comfortable and at home while enjoying the pleasure of good espresso and a selection of typical Italian bar cuisine, and an overall experience of taste, style and excellence.

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