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The you:niversity Framework

Our you:niversity framework


Our you:niversity is a bespoke learning and development platform that includes training programmes to develop our team members’ skills and knowledge. It is a centre for learning, and is designed to operate like a real-life university auditorium – any team member can visit at any time to drive their own development.

Our you:niversity is divided into eight Development Zones to map the various stages of your career development with PPHE Hotel Group:

• Induction
• Initial job training
• Statutory training
• Technical job skills training
• Guest experience training
• Management skills
• Leadership behaviour
• Personal growth


Within this framework we have been building a team of talented individuals that will help us to deliver the learning and development modules within our you:niversity. We refer to them as our Delivery Teams (Leaders of Learning and Development, Inspirators and you:niversity Coaches), and they all share our passion for maximising your development opportunities.

Every learning and development activity within our you:niversity is designed with our business in mind – to support you in helping you achieve your potential and us in building the best business we can build. We link all our training initiatives to improving the performance of our business by developing inspirational leaders who support outstanding teams who in turn work hard to achieve exceptional results.

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