“Amazing people making an incredible company together.”

Why did you want to join us?

I knew people who were working in management roles here and they were big promoters of the company. Before Park Plaza Leeds, I was managing an independent hotel and was very cautious about working for a big hotel brand that I felt would restrict my way of leading and running a hotel. When I looked into the company, I found an employer that embraced that individuality and entrepreneurship.

Has the company lived up to your expectations?

Park Plaza has developed so much since I joined! It’s like going on a long hike. You only see how far you’ve come when you look back. On a daily basis, you don’t realise how the company is evolving. But from time to time, you reflect and realise that all the efforts of all these amazing people are making an incredible company together.

What aspect of working here impresses you most?

The fact the company has been built with discipline and patience. Every single hotel has been specifically picked or built in line with the company’s vision. No quick buys or exceptions. I have also made three career steps so far. There is a positive culture that promotes career development.

What are your colleagues like?

Throughout the Group, we have the best of the best. I love the Park Plaza Leeds hotel team, but just as much enjoy working with all the specialists at our corporate office.

How do you empower your team to become their best?

By creating an environment where people feel they can be themselves. People respond and work hard when you make sure everyone knows what you stand for and what you are working towards.

What’s been your proudest moment with us?

At the gala dinner when PPHE Hotel Group won the 2019-2020 Best Large Hotel Group award. It felt like everyone’s hard work had been truly recognised by others.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?

If you are self-driven, like having fun, and like to take your future opportunities in your own hands; we’re the place to be!