“Working for 5&33 is like working in a big family.”

Can you please briefly describe what your role involves?

I’m in charge of the kitchen of 5&33. It’s a varied and diverse role that involves creating the menu, supervising and ordering the mise en place, food hygiene standards, staff rosters and hiring and promoting new team members.

How did you first become aware of 5&33 as a potential employer?

I found a perfect role for me on PPHE Hotel Group’s careers website. The company looked great and the opportunity was hugely exciting so I applied.

Has the company lived up to your expectations since you joined? If so in what ways?

Yes, absolutely. From day one I’ve been really happy, and been given the chance to grow as a Chef and as a manager of a business and people.

Working at 5&33, what inspires you the most?

My crew, and all the guys that I work with in the restaurant, the hotel, and the Group.

What’s the most fun and engaging aspect to working here?

Again, it’s all about the people. Working for 5&33 is like working in a big family.

Tell me something that would surprise most people about your role?

You are a Head Chef and a mentor, you become a teacher and as a teacher you need to deal with your “class” challenges and achievements.

How would you describe your colleagues? What are they like to work with?

It’s fun and really enjoyable working with them; they are all so passionate about what we do each and every day.

How possible is career progression within the company?

There are a lot of possibilities, I’m a living example having been promoted to the position of Head Chef after the departure of our former Executive Chef.

How has the company helped you to develop?

They’ve supported me all the way with a personal and career development plan. There has also been a lot of informal support and encouragement of my colleagues.

How much creative freedom do you have?

I have the freedom to be creative every time I devise a new or seasonal menu. I was really proud with the launch of the truffle season, which has been a great success.

Which three words would you use to describe 5&33?

Creative, dynamic and multi-cultural.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to work at the organisation? 

It can be hard work, but you’ll find the experience worth it, and the growth opportunities are great.