“The infectious enthusiasm of all my colleagues is inspiring.”

Can you please briefly describe what your role involves?

I support the whole financial reporting process. This involves working with other functions to identify and obtain information needed for financial reporting, auditing, and implementing Robotics Process Automation.

Why did you decide to join PPHE Hotel Group?

The interviews were informal, but very professional. It immediately made me feel that I was being treated as an individual rather than just a number. You feel like you are part of a big family, and that has not changed at all during the years that I’ve been here.

Has the company lived up to your expectations since you joined? If so in what ways?

Yes absolutely. I’ve had a great deal of support and achieved a lot in terms of personal and professional development in what is a fun, but fast-paced work environment.

Tell me something that would surprise most people about your role?

Working here is definitely not dull. It’s an exciting field which impacts on every aspect of the business and is integral to the success of the whole group. We ensure proper information provision for the purpose of the good and effective decision making.

How would you describe your colleagues? What are they like to work with?

Everyone is kind and supportive. There is a big social aspect of working at PPHE, leading to a great atmosphere at the workplace.

Do you feel valued and supported as an employee? If so, how?

Very much. I am very grateful that PPHE has supported my personal development in terms of on the job training and that they have supported me in order to obtain my Master’s Degree in Accounting & Control at the VU University.

How possible is career progression within PPHE?

Very much so.  I’m the evidence for this, having been in four different positions in nearly seven years.

What do you envisage doing next at PPHE?

The company has a great business model and will expand in Europe and wider still. I am really proud of this successful strategy and I look forward to contributing to it by implementing innovative ideas and sharing knowledge in my field.

 What aspect of working at PPHE inspires you the most?

The infectious enthusiasm of all my colleagues. I find it inspiring to see that everyone is working hard for the wellbeing of our company and on the other hand, making sure that everyone has a fun working day. Who can say no to chips and beers on Friday afternoon?

Tell me about an occasion when you were a ‘creator’ and had to think outside the box?

PPHE is open to new initiatives and innovative ideas. I was given the freedom to introduce a new cash solution in our properties which was well received by the people dealing with cash payments.

Which three words would you use to describe PPHE?

Welcoming, Progressive and Professional

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to work at the organisation?

PPHE is a great employer that has a lot to offer. And as we grow as a company, so we grow as people. When the opportunity comes, take that chance to be part of it.